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What is Mobile-Sender?

Mobile-Sender is a site that offers a simple and convenient way to send short text messages (SMS) to any cellular phone in the United States from your computer. We offer both a free and paid service. Free members receive all the same services as paid members but are restricted to sending 50 messages a month.
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Is this free text messaging service free?

Mobile-Sender offers a free text messaging service to users. Our free service is limited to 50 messages a month. If you want to send more messages you will need to sign up for a paid account. The sender's of the text messages are not charged any money, but the receiver may be charged, depending on their cell phone company. You will need to contact your phone company to find this out.

Can I sign up for more than 1 free account?

Individual are limited to one account. If you attempt to sign up for multiple accounts our system will block service to you.

Why do I need to verify my account?

In the past we have had problems with individuals using our service both to send spam emails and threatening emails. We now require that users verify their account using their email address and phone number. We never share your account information and by implementing a verification process we can now add more features than were previously available.

I didn?t receive my verification email or SMS?

If you didn?t receive your SMS or email please login into your account and verify your email and phone number. Once verified we will resend both verification messages. If you are having trouble with your email please check you bulk message folder as well.

I sent a text message from your site and it was never received, what happened?

We are currently upgrading our systems to use SMS technologies so that your messages will be directly routed through the cell phone carrier. This should insure that your message is received. In the past many of the SMS messages we sent were routed as simple emails to the carrier and for carrier specific reasons your messages were either not received or delayed. If your message is very important, we recommend that you simply call the person that you wish to contact.

I just received a threatening text message from your site, what should I do?

First of all, don't panic. Every text message sent from Mobile-Sender 's free text messaging service logs the IP of each sender, and we cooperate with all law enforcement investigations. Since we require email and cell phone verification for all accounts its usually quite simple to find this information. Please
Contact Us and we can work out a resolution for this situation.

What is the purpose of Mobile-Sender ?

Mobile-Sender was made with the intent to save people money on text messaging by offering it for FREE. I actually use this website myself sometimes and I have fun with it myself.

I absolutely LOVE Mobile-Sender ! How can I help?

You can help Mobile-Sender and show your love by adding our banners to your MySpace profiles, blogs, and other webpages, and by telling all your friends. Another great way to show your support is to
add text messaging to your website or blog .

I have a question and it was not answered here, what should I do?

I'm sorry I couldn't answer your question with my FAQ, please feel free to drop me an email using the
Contact Us page.

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