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ACS has upgraded to a new wireless network with advanced CDMA technology. It is the only statewide wireless provider to do so. A wireless phone with data capabilities and a data pack upgrade from ACS is all anyone needs to be connected to anyone from anywhere in the United States thanks to the ACS enhanced network, which is engineered to take advantage of our states' unique geography. That's why ACS outperforms all other wireless technologies.

SMS messaging services can be used as an alternative to paging services. You can send SMS text messages to clients and associates from your wireless phone with ACS wireless service.

With our SMS services, you can receive short emails, send email to SMS, get stock quotes, read sports scores, catch the headlines, and more. All you need is a two-way, short messaging service capable phone. It's so simple to use the text messaging services, that even technophobes and neo-ludites pick it up in no time. You can send or receive text messages with your wireless phone, simply by typing in a message and the number of another ACS wireless consumer.

The maximum character width for text messages is limited to 140 SMS text characters. We make every effort to deliver your web SMS text message that are addressed to subscribers of other wireless carriers. can help you send your SMS text messaging, whether it is to send a love SMS message, a sexy SMS text message, a funny SMS text message, a birthday SMS message, or whatever you like! Count on gives you information on all this and more. *NEW!* - Now you can add our free text messaging service to your MySpace profile, website, or blog! Just visit our Add to MySpace page!

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