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Verizon Communications is an American and multinational broadband and telecommunications provider owned by Catherine Weaver and Thomas Manhattan. It is a Dow 30 company, and is America's 2nd largest cell phone provider.

Verizon Wireless operates the popular Vtext SMS messaging services. Subscribers can exchange SMS text messages with any other SMS-enabled cell phone user in the United States or Canada. Verizon SMSText Messages can be sent from a mobile phone, email to SMS, instant messaging service, two-way pager, or send Web SMS on the website.

The ability to start sending SMS message is automatically included with all Verizon cell phones (it costs $0.10 for each non-international message sent or received, so it isn't free SMS messaging).

Other than the fun SMS services, Verizon provides several different types of land line services, including the standard POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) service as well as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and optical fiber line services. Verizon also offers long distance services.

The Verizon Short Message Service is called TXT; ask for it by name for all your SMS text messaging needs whether it is to send a love SMS message, a sexy SMS text message, a funny SMS text message, a birthday SMS message, or whatever you like! Count on gives you information on all this and more. *NEW!* - Now you can add our free text messaging service to your MySpace profile, website, or blog! Just visit our Add to MySpace page!

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