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Virgin Mobile Ltd is an international mobile phone service provider. Virgin operates in the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the USA and France. Instead of maintaining its own network, the United Kingdom instead has contracts to use the existing networks of other providers. The UK division is a subsidiary of NTL Incorporated.

Virgin Mobile offers a special SMS text messenger service for its users. Participants can send and receive SMS text messages with just about anyone who owns a mobile phone, and even email to SMS. It's cheap and easy to send an SMS text message from your phone to anywhere in Canada or the US with Virgin Mobile. Customers can even send an international SMS text.

Virgin makes easy to send SMS texting of up to 160 characters in length to other mobiles. Better customers can receive SMS free every time. This feature allows people to now send free SMS text messages, free online SMS text messages, send funny SMS text and more, all through your Virgin Mobile Text message service! Check out for more information on this top-notch SMS system.

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