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Schedule SMS SMS Message Archive SMS Search Features
Reminder SMS Manage Contacts
Multi-Language Free Address Book Share with your friends
Bulk SMS Multi-Country SMS Multi-Carrier SMS
Easy Resend Delivery Reports  

Schedule SMS in Advance

Schedule SMS in advance
Send messages at a Specified time
Schedule messages for birthdays, anniversaries… in advance
View and edit queued messages

Sent Message Archive

Send Message Archive
All sent messages saved in archive.
Search sent messages
Resend messages
View Message Delivery Status

Search Sent Messages

Search Sent Messages
Find Messages based on Date and Number
Robust Search Features
See messages in the order they were sent.

Create SMS Reminders

Create SMS Reminders
Schedule SMS Reminders for yourself.
Remind yourself of important tasks with an SMS.
Edit reminders and resend previously sent reminders

Group Contacts to send Bulk Messages

Group Contact to send Bulk Messages
Easily create groups of individual contacts.
Send SMS to groups
Schedule SMS to groups
Create unlimited groups
Easily add contact data

Contact Managment

Contact Management
Manage and store contact information
Easily add and import contacts
Export and share contact lists (Coming Soon)
Create groups for messaging

Send SMS in any Language

Send SMS in any language
Multiple Language Character support.
Unicode Support
Stored messages are saved in the language sent.
Send messages in Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and more.

Free Address Book Features

Free address book features
Store Contact Information
Send SMS to Contacts
Create Groups
Save time by not retyping in numbers.
Share Contacts with friends (coming soon).
Easily Import Contacts (coming soon)

Sign up friends for free premium services

Signup friends for free premium services
Use our premium services free by referring friends
Track and manage referrals (coming soon)
Make money signing up users (coming soon)
Website owners can use our affiliate program (coming soon)
Share Contacts with friends (coming soon).

Send Multiple SMS Simultaneously

Send Multiple SMS Simultaneously
Send bulk SMS
Schedule Bulk SMS
Send SMS to groups
Great for business reminders
Keep your friends up to date by sending everyone the same SMS

Send SMS at the same time to multiple countries

Send SMS at the same time to multiple countries
Enter multiple recipients in different countries for each SMS.
Create groups of individuals from multiple countries.
Premium Auto-Carrier Detect Feature

Send Multiple SMS Simultaneously to Different Carriers

Send Multiple SMS simultaneously to different carriers
Instantaneously - Send one message to multiple carriers
Instantaneously - Send one message to multiple countries
Schedule SMS to multiple Countries and Carriers with one click.

Easily Resend sent Messages

Easily resend send messages
Resend old messages.
Save time retyping messages.
Send to the same or an alternate number.
Resend to group or individual contacts.

Delivery Reports

Check message delivery status.
Check message orgination time.
Resend the same message.
Check number message was deliverd to.

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